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Erin Eileen Harlow

Race: Changeling (real form unknown)

Age: 25 (Birthday: October 31)

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Erin has been a loner for most of her life, and comes across as a bit aloof to those who don’t know her. This may be either caused by or a cause of her difficulty in making friends or keeping up relationships. She lightens up mostly in her own home, a small apartment filled with her two favorite things: a pet rabbit and fantasy novels. Erin became a voracious reader as a form of escapism during her childhood, and she wants to turn her love of fantasy fiction into a writing career.


Barry Benjamin Baines

Race: Changeling (true form unknown)

Age: 23 (Birthday: December 14)

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Barry never does anything small. When he’s happy, he’s ecstatic. When he’s mad, he’s furious. And when he parties, he parties hard. Admittedly, this has led to him developing a bit of an alcohol and gambling problem, but good luck telling him that. With his quick wit and usually friendly nature, one would think he’d have reached his aspirations of being a successful stand-up comedian already. If only his excessive habits didn’t end up getting him kicked out of every comedy club he steps into…


Nicole Louise Kingfisher

Race: Changeling (true form unknown)

Age: 25 (Birthday: April 9)

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Nicole’s headstrong, stubborn, and never backs down from a challenge. This, combined with her strength, means she’s quite the intimidating force, which might not be a bad thing for a cop. Problem is, she’s perhaps a little too abrasive with others, especially on the job. It’s not that Nicole doesn’t care about other people; she wants to serve justice, but doesn't feel she's doing enough, leading to a lot of frustration. Perhaps one of the only times she’s calm is when she’s having one of her very frequent migraines.


Jerome Jackson Trent

Race: Changeling (true form unknown)

Age: 24 (Birthday: September 16)

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Jerome’s default mood is “anxious”; you name it, he’s worried about it. What he doesn’t have in composure, however, he makes up for in intelligence — specifically, he’s very skilled with technology and anything mechanical. He’s very self-deprecating, however, and doesn’t realize most people don’t have the skill to repair or create the kinds of gadgetry that he does. For someone so enthusiastic about the latest technology, however, Jerome seems to be most terrified of change in his life, good or bad. He just wants to live a safe, secure existence. Too bad that’s not happening.

Lacey Marie Winfield

Race: Changeling (true form: Troll)

Age: 23 (Birthday: February 13)

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Lacey’s mind doesn’t seem to work like a lot of other people’s. She often stares out into space, noticing or commenting on things that everyone else doesn’t even notice or think about, or sometimes saying things that seem to completely come out of the blue. Because of this, most people assume she’s just another dumb blonde. Lacey’s smarter than she lets on, however, and is actually a little hurt by people’s assumptions. Besides, there is one thing that she can focus on — cooking. Lacey is passionate about cooking and food in general, and wants to go to culinary school, but, for some reason, seems reluctant to admitting it…

  Alvey and Alvey, P.I.s

Clovis Larkin Alvey

Race: Fairy

Age: 60 (Birthday: March 15)

Hometown: Alfheim, Otherworld

Clovis is one half of the Alvey & Alvey Private Investigation Firm, located in both the human world and the Otherworld city of Alfheim. He and his wife, Melaina, set up shop in the human world while on a particularly long case involving the disappearance of several Fair Folk children.

Clovis is a perpetually cheerful guy, and eager to meet new people. As such, he’s the one who most often greets and begins talking to new clients. Clovis is more of a “follower” to his wife’s “leader”, and can come across as a bit of a pushover at first. He’s a perfectly competent investigator, though, and pretty persistent in finishing what he starts.

Melaina Dionisia Alvey (neé Melaina Dionisia Gwynfrydd)

Race: Fairy

Age: 61 (Birthday: June 29)

Hometown: Alfheim, Otherworld (formerly Annwn, Otherworld)

Melaina is one half of the Alvey & Alvey Private Investigation Firm, located in both the human world and the Otherworld city of Alfheim. She and her husband, Clovis, set up shop in the human world while on a particularly long case involving the disappearance of several Fair Folk children.

Melaina is soft-spoken, but also the more dominant half of the firm. She’s the one who initiates each investigation and lays out the game plan. She’s very intelligent, but also pretty modest, allowing Clovis to be the “face” of the firm while she works mostly behind the scenes. She also enjoys living partially in the human world, particularly because she has an affinity for pop music.

  Main Antagonists

Aelfric and Wulfric Sidhe

Race: Fairy

Age: 22 (Birthday: August 10)

Hometown: Alfheim, Otherworld

Aelfric and Wulfric are the last descendants of the Sidhe family, the former rulers of the Otherworld, deposed in a revolution centuries ago. Despite that, their family retained a vast fortune over the years, ensuring the twins never had to work a day in their life. In recent years, however, the twins have sparked a revolution to bring back the monarchy, despite the majority of the Fair Folk population not being interested. As such, the two are seen as nuisances at best. This isn't helped by the fact that they are terribly pretentious and arrogant, misusing or even making up long words and thinking themselves more influential than they really are.


Ricki Blair Garner

Race: Human

Age: 29 (Birthday: November 5)

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Ricki is the closest thing Jerome has to a best friend, having known him and grown up next door to him since he was a kid. A former child prodigy, Ricki's a brilliant anthropologist, but not taken seriously due to her belief in the Fair Folk and her mission to find and expose them. She also has an unfortunate tendency to make any conversation or event all about her, not even bothering to listen to what others have to say.

  Others of Note (So Far)


Fatima Karim

Race: Djinn

Age: 32 (Birthday: May 1)

Hometown: Alfheim, Otherworld

Fatima is a lawyer, and one of several candidates in the recent Alfheim election for governor. She's not new to the political game, having been on the city-state's council several years ago.


Donny Kester Argall (neé Domnall Kester Hobb)

Race: Warlock (Specifics: half-human, half-goblin)

Age: 24 (Birthday: August 19)

Hometown: Venusberg, Otherworld (currently residing in Alfheim)

Donny is a law student at Alfheim University, and is just starting an internship at Fatima Karim's law firm. What he'd prefer people not to know is that he's the younger son of Godwine Hobb, head of the infamous Unseelie Mob. Fortunately, Donny's a quick thinker and has an affable nature, which allows him to easily bluff himself out of awkward situations. He's not completely worry-free, though, and fears veering too close to the morality of the rest of his family.





Tielo Alasdair Cobalt-Hobb and Fergal Declan Haerviu

Races: Goblin (Tielo), Púca (Fergal)

Ages: 30 (Tielo — Birthday: March 19), 29 (Fergal — Birthday: November 30)

Hometown: Venusberg, Otherworld

Two higher-ranking members of the Unseelie Mob; mostly enforcers, but also good for kidnapping and extortion should the need arise. Tielo is the boss's older son and Donny's half-brother, but his stern, dedicated nature to his job proves he doesn't need nepotism. Up until he met Fergal, most people assumed he was married to his job. Fergal's the louder and more impulsive of the two, and while he usually cedes authority to Tielo on job-related matters, he's very protective of his co-worker-turned-fiancé.

Governor Daiki Mori

Race: Kijimuna

Age: 58 (Birthday: April 30)

Hometown: Alfheim, Otherworld

The current leader of the city-state of Alfheim, Governor Mori is wrapping up his term. As such, he's overseeing the election of his successor.


Family Members

(bios of individuals may come later)

The Kingfisher Family

(Nicole's human family)

Judge Miriam Kingfisher

Nicole's human mother

 Dr. Gordon Kingfisher

Nicole's human father

Judith Watie

Nicole's human (maternal) grandmother

Garrett & Zach Kingfisher

Nicole's human (older) brother and nephew, respectively


Ian Kingfisher

Nicole's human (younger) brother


Claudia Sandoval-Kingfisher

Nicole's human sister-in-law


The Trent Family

(Jerome's human family)

 Darryl Trent

Jerome's human father

 Irene Trent

Jerome's human stepmother

 Monette Addicks

Jerome's human mother

The Winfield Family

(Lacey's human family)

Barbara Winfield

Lacey's human mother

Chip Winfield

Lacey's human father

The Fjell Family

(Lacey's troll family)

Bjørn Fjell

Lacey's troll father

Eydís Fjell

Lacey's troll mother

Folki Fjell

Lacey's troll brother (third-youngest)

Asa and Runi Fjell

Lacey's troll siblings (second-youngest)

Signy Fjell

Lacey's troll sister (first-youngest)


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